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Over a decade ago, Ed and Becky Kobel acquired Spread Oak with a distinct mission: to advance the Kingdom and engage in ministry work. In the intervening years, countless individuals have participated in ABIDING retreats over weekends, and we've had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power of the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives.


In addition to their deep commitment to ministry, Ed's passion for hunting is evident. He envisions Spread Oak as a place where both his family and friends can benefit from the rich tapestry of animals and livestock nurtured on the farm. Today, Spread Oak not only serves as a sanctuary for an array of remarkable wildlife but also as a home to nearly 1000 chickens and over 500 head of cattle. It has truly become a paradise in the heart of South Georgia.


It is always a tremendous honor to host both old friends and new acquaintances on this journey. We express our gratitude for considering spending your valuable time with us, and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to host your upcoming hunting adventure.


The Uniqueness of Spread Oak

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